Cryptocurrencies for passive income on staking

To find the right coin for PoS, you need to look at the return on investment (ROI). It is usually possessed by good reliable projects that have already achieved success or are confidently moving towards it. In addition, conditions may vary from project to project. Somewhere there is a minimum bet, somewhere you can use only specific wallets.

one bitcoin on blue background

Examples of coins that are considered relevant for staking in 2019:

NAVCOIN (NAV). The cryptocurrency was launched in 2014 on the basis of Bitcoin and is focused on the privacy and privacy of transactions.
Neo (NEO). The blockchain of this project has a GAS token used for staking rewards and transactions. Adding one block to the chain creates 7 GAS tokens.
ARK. An ecosystem designed to link different blockchains together. Works on the principle of dPoS (with the choice of delegates).