Pools and programs for mining

Getting the right hardware and card on https://nearpay.co/ isn’t all you need to do to start mining. It is also necessary:

Install software.
Join the pool.
The software allows the device to communicate with the blockchain by sending information about its operation to the network. Programs that support bitcoin mining on ASICs: MultiMiner, EasyMiner, BFG Miner, as well as entire operating systems for this purpose – Hive OS, Rave OS, Miner OS.

As for the pool, it is a united group of miners who work together to mine a block. Thus, the block is mined much faster than if you mine alone, but the profit is divided among all participants in the pool, depending on their contribution to the process. The most popular bitcoin mining pools are: Binance Pool, AntPool, F2Pool, Poolin, Pool BTC.com (according to MiningPoolStats).